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Seema Mattu is a gender-expansive Valmiki trickster, whose practice is framed as a theme park - known as SEEMAWORLD.

Containing various experiences arranged within a unifying setting, SEEMAWORLD centres around queer, non-specific and othered culture. Seema aims to build an interactive online community space for people marginalised because of race, sexuality, caste and gender - employing care through access, visibility and representation.


Within SEEMAWORLD, Seema builds vessels and portals - giving viewers access to the realms she constructs.


Through the welding of both 2D and 3D mixed-media, themes explored include: the system of caste, queer sorcery and gender taxonomy.


Given the satirical nature of her work, Seema also explores performance through Fan Labour and Vidding. For and by herself, Seema performs in joy. An act of protest - used to tackle the various and liminal experiences of oppression she lives through. Viewers witness this through acts of: dance, laughter, music and personal footage.


Through depictions of simple rituals of the human experience, Seema explores themes of consent, representation and fluidity with a hope to dismantle the complications that surround them - in conjunction with her usual championing of queer, non-specific and othered people through performative mixed-media.


seema mattu

aka: sim

based in: birmingham/london, UK

d.o.b: 30~10~1993



pronouns: she/her

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