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Seema Mattu is a gender-expansive Valmiki trickster, whose practice is framed as a theme park - known as SEEMAWORLD. SEEMAWORLD is an immersive, multi-channel realm and streaming facility. It's comprised of the mimicry of multiple amenities and services - which act as portals to a specific aspect of SEEMAWORLD.

An interactive installation, it shows born-digital artefacts alongside digitised works of traditional media, with narratives along themes of: systems of caste, queer sorcery, fan labour and gender taxonomy.

Recent projects include work with: Berwick Film and Media Festival, IKON gallery, New Art City, Blindspot Gallery and QUAD. In June 2021, she completed Film London’s FLAMIN Fellowship and is currently working on a residency at Wysing Arts Centre until March 2023. Since December 2021, Seema has been a QUAD International Digital Fellow - which will lead to her first major solo show in Summer 2023.

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