Seema Mattu is a Valmiki world-building trickster, whose multi-channel practice is framed as a theme park - known as SEEMAWORLD. A playful rollercoaster of intersecting amenities, visitors are prompted to portal around a fantastical framework weaved by the complexities of Seema’s own multi-faceted personhood.

‍With an interest in speculative storytelling linked to British South Asian culture and its roots in Seema’s home city, Birmingham (UK), SEEMAWORLD fuses CGI (computer-generated imagery) and IRL (in real life) environment-building, 3D character creation, mixed-media animation, folk-punk sound design and visual spectacle to explore: systems of caste, queer desire, fan labour and gender biases within digital landscapes.

a song and dance about song and dance (2023) film still
a song and dance about song and dance (2023) film still
a song and dance about song and dance (2023) film still
love x lore (2022) role-playing game still
우정 (2021) film still
NO BLASPHEMIES (2021) film still
T-Pose (2021) film still
Happy-World Traveller? (2022) artist proof still

Seema's work includes exhibitions and commissions with: Berwick Film and Media Festival, IKON Gallery, Eastside Projects, New Art City, Blindspot Gallery and QUAD. In April 2022, she completed Film London’s FLAMIN Fellowship and a year-long residency with Wysing Arts Centre in March 2023. In December 2021, Seema became a QUAD International Digital Fellow, leading to her first major solo show in September 2023. She currently studies MA Animation at Royal College of Art (2023-24).